3 Things to Factor In When Looking For “An Optometrist Near Me”

Individually we all have unique and varied needs regarding quality eye care. However, we all value three core things when choosing an optical provider: Quality of eye care, flexible price points and range of products on offer.

At Island Optical, we understand the importance of finding the right optical outlet for your needs. So let’s discuss how Island Optical delivers on these three components.

1) Quality Eye Care

What do we mean by quality eye care? Essentially, we recognise that what you or your family need from us will differ from the next person or family member who walks in.

It’s even possible that your needs and enquiries will vary from one visit to the next. Quality eyecare principles ensure that your concerns, needs and questions are recognised and valued. After all, what good can come from an eyecare provider where you don’t feel seen?

With Bulk-Billed, Medicare consultations available across both the Hobart and Launceston practices, we make it a daily goal to provide that quality eyecare feeling. You may need referrals to specialists or reports for your GP. Perhaps contact lens consultations or routine eye testing for the whole tribe. We want each visit to resonate with that feeling of quality.

That quality eyecare comes from the experienced optometrists and optical staff you’ll find at our two prime locations: Island Optical Hobart and Island Optical Launceston. In addition, you’ll find an Optical|Retail outlet run by Tassie locals that offer value with competitive pricing and relaxed but friendly, professional service.

All your optical needs are cared for at Island Optical, from eye exams and prescription eyewear to contact lens fittings and aftercare appointments.

2) Flexible Price Points

Think about all the different kinds of places where you can spend money. For example, when you make an expensive purchase, do you expect it to be better than something that costs less? Why?

In this day and age, we are convinced to believe the adage, “You get what you payfor. ” To a degree, it’s true, but when it comes to eyecare and prescription optics, must it be the case?

At Island Optical, we say No!

Regardless of your budget or needs, we are here to identify the perfect solution for your vision needs. Island Optical Hobart and Island Optical Launceston proudly offer a generous selection of frames and lens options within our No & Low Gap promotions.

In-store, every day, you’ll find glasses frames for men, women, and children that won’t break the budget. And, unlike some of our competitors, you don’t need to pay extra for quality frame designs.


We have spring-hinge frame styles available across ALL of our price points.

In addition, health fund members with Extra’s coverage for optical benefits can make claims on the spot and in-store, making the whole process of claiming so easy. Are you interested to see HOW reasonable the pricing is? Easy! One-click below will take you straight to our frame range gallery.

This brings us neatly to the last leg of our discussion: the range of optical appliances we offer!

3) Range of Optical Products on Offer

Time is a resource we only have a finite amount of (so is money, by the way) and I’m sure you’ll agree. However, who wants to spend large swathes of it on research, comparisons and price hunting? Let alone looking for variety and options!

Your eyes get the best of all worlds at Island Optical (Launceston & Hobart).We’ve taken great care to review the market, compare pricing and deliver on variety. This eye for detail is a constant for us, ensuring you can always check in, find out what’s new and be confident that you’ve saved time and money

At Island Optical, we carry international and in-house brands of glasses frames and sunglasses and world-leading brands of prescription lens choices, contact lenses and solutions. We stand by the quality of our eyecare services, the price points you can rely on and the range of products that will satisfy your craving for variety.

And there we have it!

When it comes down to that Google search for ‘An optometrist near me,’ be sure to keep the above three factors in mind. And if you’re looking for an experienced, independently operating optometrist who can provide you with personalised assistance at an affordable price, look no further than Island Optical!


Island Optical proudly serve Hobart, Launceston and the greater Tasmanian communities with top-notch eye care services.

Reach out today to schedule your appointment, or drop by one of our stores to view the range of spectacle frames and sunglass options on offer!