Eye Glasses - Framing Your World

Would you like your next pair of prescription glasses to do more than just provide clarity? Today’s blog post will consider several principles, ensuring that your eyeglasses don’t just improve your vision but have the potential to enhance your appearance, create a new look and give you confidence

Perhaps you just want to blend in. Maybe you want your next pair of glasses to make you stand out! So, what should you consider when selecting the perfect pair of specs next time?


Colour: When it comes to colour and tone, eyeglasses are available in every shade of the proverbial rainbow. If you want your next pair of glasses frames to have ALL the colours, you could likely track that down too!

Black is still very popular in spectacle frame tones, too.

You may be familiar with the term LBD (Little Black Dress); that black dress kept for that special event? The same applies to eyeglasses, too: the LBS (Little Black Specs!). Currently, translucent frame tones are on-trend, offering an accent of colour that works with natural skin tones for a fresh look. These soft colour elements are a terrific stepping stone into colourful frames that don’t take over your style or appearance.

But what do colours reveal?
Are they too limiting?
And what if you like the concept of a colourful frame but are still
determining if you can pull the look off?
The experienced team at Island Optical can assist.

By pairing colour tones between your complexion, eye colour and your hair colour, eyeglasses can add that final touch, showing your unique style at work or when picking up your double shot espresso at Room For A Pony, North Hobart?

Shape: Eyeglasses come in an almost unlimited array of shapes. We use several general terms to ease confusion and to group the variety on offer. Four of the primary shape names include:

  • Rectangle – Frame styles that feature strong lines and straight edges. Wider than they are deeper.
  • Round-Having become an iconic style (we thank you, John Lennon and Harry Potter), the round frame offers a deliberate and quirky element.
  • Soft-Square-Soft-Square frames offer a relaxed style. These shapes complement the subtle and natural curves of the face shape to provide a soft and neutral presentation.
  • Full-‘Full’ frames are larger-size styles that fill the ocular zone of the eye-brow, temple and cheek. This full-frame creates that oversized look made popular by many Social Media influencers and Celebrities alike.

Some classic shapes have taken on an identity of their own, such as:

  • Aviator
  • Cat-Eye
  • Wayfarer (Made famous by the iconic Ray-Ban brand.)

In optical dispensing, we love to discuss the theory behind matching frame and face shapes! You’d be surprised how this skill can help you find a range of frame shapes that you may not have considered previously.

Size: The next principle to consider is size. A spectacle frame should enhance your face shape and facial structure. Often connected to the frame shape discussion, establishing the ideal size helps big time! As one optical dispenser says, “The right frame size takes your specs from OW to WOW!”

Island Optical has an excellent range of frames with this in mind, offering many styles of the same spectacle frames in a mix of colours and sizes. This means that you have the opportunity to find the right pair of eyeglasses for you!

Style: What do we mean we say ‘Style?’ Here, we are talking about the array of frame builds that spectacle frames come in. We are comparing plastic frame materials with metal, for example. Of course, semi-rimless, complete rimless or hybrid frame builds are all popular styles, too.

Consider, for example, your current prescription glasses.

You may feel very comfortable in them. You find a sense of familiarity in your appearance and wonder what a ‘new look’ would mean for you. What if we experimented with a slight alteration first?

We may consider the STYLE element only: Keep the current colour, shape and size of your current specs, but find something in plastic (that looks similar to yourmetal frames). Or, if you have a very bold-looking pair of eyeglasses, you might be curious to see what a semi-rimless or complete rimless look might bring to your appearance

It can be simple to freshen up your look for next season and beyond!
Are you interested to know more about new frame styles for you?
So what kind of glasses wearer are you?
The fun, casual type? The professional go-getter?


Bring a friend (and a coffee!) and see how enjoyable we can make framing your world feel as we explore the answers to all your questions, together. We promise you won’t be disappointed.