Family Vision: Eye Health Matters for Every Member of the Family

Vision Brings a Family Together

The kids like sports cards and video games, Mum and Dad like a glass of wine and freshly mown lawn, Grandma and Grandpa like golf and their various collectors’ items. Families are complex amalgamations of individual hobbies and interests, but there’s one important thing which finds a common ground between all members…

Eye health is vital across all generations. At Island Optical, we’re here to ensure the right care is given to every member of the family. A bulk-billed eye test is the quickest, most affordable way to make sure your family’s vision is the best it can be.

Two Birds, One Stone

With so much going on, we understand it can be a struggle to find time for a family get-together. When birthdays, public holidays, and anniversaries seem so far in the future, finding an excuse to spend time together can be distinctly difficult. So, how about an unconventional new family event?

Eye tests don’t have to be a chore; with our online appointment book, it’s easy as ever to schedule an afternoon for the family to combine socialising with important eye health checks. Book your bulk-billed eye tests at Island Optical, and then a table at a nearby cafe for a celebratory lunch or afternoon tea. Your eyes are more special than you know, so make it an event worthy of them!

The Most Stylish Family on the Block

Our selection of frames is designed to cater to everyone who ventures through the door. Perhaps Dad wants to rock a new pair of FILA or Luke Lares, while Mum stuns in Kate Spade or Radley London. The kids will impress all their friends with a colourful frame from Garfield, Seek, or Explore. Meanwhile, Grandma has her choice of Oroton, Olivia Vespucci or Stephanie Leigh, and Grandpa can browse excellent selections from Goulburn and Douglas Anthony.

With such a range of colourful and unique frames, it’ll take a team effort to get you looking your best. Luckily, there’s never a shortage of opinions among family! Visit us in-store at Island Optical today to find the perfect frames for your whole family.

Or get started with this special selection below…

The Kids Will Love:



Childhood means pirate battles and tea parties, alien invasions and teddy bear picnics. Mirror their vibrant imagination with a bright, fun frame from Bravo. The BV16Y1 is exactly the frame to take your child from the playground to their grandest outer space fantasies. Adjustable nose pads make for a perfect fit, while the rectangular rim runs into electric stripes, bolting bravely down the frame’s arms. Available in blue/navy, black/red and gunmetal/green combinations, this is a frame built for adventure.



Is there anything more important to a child than their favourite colour? Politics and taxes are humbled beneath the weight of this defining characteristic, significant enough to influence the toy collections and wardrobes of every child on the continent. It’s a great relief, then, that the Explore 21EC2P comes in four different colours. With their choice of purple, pink, blue, and brown, this softly shaped frame is complete with comfortable nose pads and guaranteed great vision.

Mum and Dad Deserve:



It’s common knowledge that mums are the bedrock of our families. The 22B1LM frame from Brianna understands the pressure of motherhood and unapologetically reflects the innate strength of every mum. This metal frame possesses adjustable nose pads and a deep round shape, leading to subtly textured temples. With rich colour reaching halfway down the rim, Mum has her choice of a blue, brown, pink, or red palette. The 22B1LM is a confident frame which aims to show Mum that she’s worth so much more than what she can offer others.


Straddling serious and playful, the Douglas Anthony 22DA1M is a frame perfect for transitioning straight from work to leisure. The stainless steel rim is rectangular in shape and a striking gunmetal shade; an uncomplicated fit, suitable for most visages and professions. Interest comes in the form of exciting sweeps of blue and grey down both temples. This design evokes memorable days by the river with the kids, or successful fishing excursions with mates, and is sure to blend seamlessly into any scenario.

Something for Grandma and Grandpa:



Featuring elegant Swarovski crystals, the OV-1002 from Olivia Vespucci is not a frame to be overlooked. This dainty work of art glints graciously in her choice of gold, gunmetal or rose. A regal rectangular shape, the real focal point of this frame is its eye-catching arms, where Swarovski crystals merge with a fascinating pattern of fine metal. The OV-1002 defiantly declares that age can’t defeat style, perfect for tea with friends or a gruelling game of Sudoku.



The Goulburn 903 is a warm frame, mirroring the feeling of grandpa’s woolly jumpers and big hugs. This frame is right at home sitting in an armchair, bathed in sun with a nice cup of coffee and a much-loved novel. Available in dark brown or gunmetal, this metal frame is a rectangular shape, featuring textured temples and comfortable tort temple tips. This is a sensible frame which also manages to showcase some of grandpa’s abounding personality.

The Time is Now!

Caring for family means caring for their vision. Now’s the time to visit Island Optical for a bulk-billed eye test to ensure their busy lives don’t get in the way of essential eye health checks. Plus, who doesn’t want to rock a fancy new pair of frames at the next family barbeque?