Frightening Frames: Halloween is Here at Island Optical

Prescription glasses aren’t scary… but they could be.

This Halloween, why not embrace the potential of your prescription glasses by making them the centrepiece of a chilling costume? We’re talking zombies in glasses and aliens in sunnies. Classic book and film characters, or creative, new combinations. What is a practical piece of gear can take on a life (or afterlife) of its own as the highlight of this year’s ensemble. What devious disguise can you conjure from your everyday eyewear?

Halloween is not just an event, but an annual checkpoint. It tells us that the end of the year is approaching, and with it, the deadline for many health fund members to take advantage of their optical extras before they reset. Island Optical’s No + Low Gap deal means members can make the most of their health funds this year.

Need a spark of inspiration? Get into the spooky spirit with these costume ideas…

Gazing at the crime board through her Kate Spade Asia frames, the detective finally pieces together the final clue. Possibilities abound with this classically circular frame, a shape which evokes numerous stylish staples of the pop culture landscape. The Asia frame is a sophisticated black, sparkling with brilliant hints of metal. Just find yourself a magnifying glass and a trenchcoat, and you’re ready to investigate!

The 21CLP2 from Candice wants you to live out your most indulgent childhood ambitions. Delicate shades of either pink or beige are pronounced by the fearless cat-eye shape, fun and grand and ready to shine. Here’s one for the main stage, for the spotlight. A frame for brilliant, extravagant outfits and ecstatic, screaming fans. The 21CLP2 will take you to fame and beyond… for October 31st, at least.

Cartoon characters, yes, but the possibilities don’t end there. The children’s frame Hi H22C1P is a beacon of colour, brightening the dreary streets of Halloween. With your choice between blue, purple, clear, and brown, there’s not a costume around which won’t be enhanced by the lively patterns on its temples. Creativity flourishes: Prince? Princess? Fairy? Disco dancer? Clown? The only limit is your imagination.


What’s a superhero without their disguise? Jaileen by Kate Spade is the perfect fit for an everyday hero. You’re strolling around, care-free in those stunning frames, the entire world oblivious to the fact you’ve just saved their lives for the third time this week. In black or tortoiseshell, the real eye catcher here is a clever twist of metal on the temple… perhaps hinting at your elusive second identity?

The round frames are back, this time sporting a Bunsen burner and Einstein hairstyle. The VF9971 is a refined frame from Fila, reliable in a range of circumstances… including the eerie streets of Halloween. The VF9971 oozes intelligence, a suitable companion in the office, lounging around at home, or clad in a white lab coat, mixing solutions and exploding experiments.

There’s more to sunnies than sun safety, as spies and secret agents have taught us. Slip silently into your undercover persona with Fila’s 9051 frame. It’s deep blue colour and wrap-around design make this a fashionable frame any day, and a perfect disguise during Halloween. Grab your trench coat and briefcase and slink down the October streets. Your mission: trick-or-treat in style.

Halloween 2022 showed us the joy of pairing white sheet ghosts with dark sunglasses, an endearing combination which possessed the internet all through October. Back from the dead, this trend and the 20AZU1PS frame from Ashley & ZAC are a match made in… heaven(?). The resolute black tone of this frame contrasts distinctly against your ghostly figure, while a choice of blue, grey or brown highlights keeps the concept fresh and fun.

Brave in Style and Scares

We can’t help so much with fake vampire teeth or pointy witches’ hats, but Island Optical is here to show you that your glasses need not be external to your costume, but can be a natural extension of the Halloween spirit. Integrate them seamlessly or make them the main attraction, the choice is yours.

And remember, nothing is more horrifying than missing the chance to use your optical extras! While you’re out and about, haunting the town, don’t forget to pop into Island Optical and jump on our No + Low Gap offer for health fund members.

View more here, or wander in-store this Halloween to browse our collection of frames…