Happy Father’s Day: Your Ideal Gift Awaits at Island Optical

September 3rd is fast approaching, but we’re here to help you out…

Maybe he put the training wheels on your first bicycle or laboured beside you over your maths homework. Maybe he made you toasties in the morning and picked you up from soccer training at night. On the first Sunday of September, we take a moment to think back over our best memories of our dads and show them the appreciation they deserve for getting us to where we are today. A single day is hardly enough to express our full gratitude but with a little help from Island Optical, we think this Father’s Day could be one to remember.

An Option for Every Dad

There’s much fun to be had in another stubby cooler, handsaw, or high-powered torch, but how about a present dad can use every day? Something from you which will journey with him to work, the beach, the backyard, on family holidays and beyond. Polarised sunglasses are the perfect present for an adventurous afternoon or lazy morning by the pool. Or perhaps dad thinks himself a handyman around the house; safety glasses are a gift both thoughtful and useful, purpose-built for protection during hazardous activities.

With a new pair of polarised sunglasses or prescription safety glasses from Island Optical, you can show dad you support his hobbies while keeping him safe from harmful UV light and other dangers.

Polarised Sunglasses

When sunlight reflects off a surface it becomes horizontally polarised, resulting in intense glare which can greatly hinder vision. With specially designed optical filters, polarised lens technology combats these light waves to ensure the best outdoor experience. Perfect for driving, boating, snow sports, and more, polarised sunglasses mean dad can greet the day with greater clarity, visual contrast, and decreased eye strain.

At Island Optical, we have a wide variety of polarised prescription sunglasses to ensure dad’s vision is simultaneously crystal clear and UV protected. That’s not to mention as well a great selection of frames which can be bought straight off the shelf, prescription-free and ready for his cricket game or fishing trip.

Cut out distracting glare with trusty brands such as Dirty Dog, Ray Ban, and Bill Bass, available at Island Optical.

Wrap-around Sunglasses

How about a style of sunnies that fit snugly on the head, hugging the face for increased peripheral sun protection and a sleek, streamlined look? Wrap-around sunglasses are a real statement for any outdoors-inclined dad.

With their comfortable curved shape, wrap-around sunglasses are less likely to slip, making them a popular choice for those who enjoy activities such as cycling and running. These sunnies combine sun safety and unique design to craft a signature look any dad would be proud to rock at the next neighbourhood street party.

Check out brands such as Ugly Fish and FILA on your next trip into Island Optical and keep dad’s eyes safe while he does the things he loves most.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Celebrating Father’s Day means supporting dad’s hobbies. A shiny new power tool might improve his craft, but a pair of safety glasses are the best way to encourage him to look after himself in the pursuit of weekend leisure. We all know dads can sometimes forget they’re not invincible; use this Father’s Day as an opportunity to give a gift with care in mind.Safety glasses are mandatory in some hazardous occupations, such as mining and agriculture, but they can be just as necessary at home. Accidents resulting in blunt force trauma, chemical burns, and corneal abrasions can all occur during household hobbies, no matter how careful dad thinks he is.

Home improvement and ball sports such as squash are common causes for blunt force trauma injuries to the eye, while activities as mundane as mowing and sanding can leading to scratches and irritation. Even just handling pool chemicals and pesticides can be detrimental to dad’s eye health if a stray splash of liquid flies his way. Made from especially tough materials, a pair of safety glasses for Father’s Day alleviates many of these risks dad might face day-to-day.

Getting prescription lenses within safety glasses might make your present less of a surprise – dad will need a current prescription – but greatly improves the function of the glasses. Wearing normal prescription glasses beneath safety glasses can be uncomfortable and interfere with the fit and seal of the glasses. Prescription safety glasses prevent slipping frames and keep dad’s favourite pair of regular glasses in perfect condition, far from the action.

So, if dad’s hobbies include such activities as landscaping or DIY, use this Father’s Day to get him the most essential piece of equipment for his toolbox, prescription safety glasses.

See You In-Store

The most important part of Father’s Day is just spending some time with dad… But a cool present doesn’t hurt either. Polarised sunglasses and wrap-around sunglasses are a sure way to remain a favourite within the family; and a new pair of prescription safety glasses will go a long way towards keeping dad’s eyes protected as he pursues his passions.

Visit us in-store at Island Optical to get Father’s Day sorted before another year slips by.