Optometrist Tasmania | Why The Eyes Have It At Island Optical

With a growing number of Tasmanian families and individuals alike searching for optometry services, is there a clear path forward for straight forward eye-care help?

Perhaps someone local who truly knows what reliable support requires and gets your unique needs?


Island Optical: We’re here for you and your family.

Here is the ONE simple thing to know about Island Optical: You’re not left in the dark regarding effective eye care when you visit the Island Optical Team.

Independent & Transparent Eye Care.

Our optometrists are university-trained health professionals whose primary job is assessing, diagnosing and treating eye conditions. With that in mind, we create a business model and working partnership that allows the optometrist to do just that and not be concerned with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) or pushing sales.

If you think your child has eye or vision problems, an optometrist can determine the problem and how best to treat it. You may be asking, “Do I need a specialist? A behavioural or pediatric optometrist?”

The answer to those questions largely depends on what vision issues your child is experiencing. First, call your family G.P. They can offer some support and perhaps point you in a practical direction.

We know what you’re thinking… “But getting in to see the doctor is taking FOREVER right now?!”


Island Optical is the next, best place to make a call.

With Bulk-billing available for optometry visits, we can provide thorough and straight forward help for your child’s vision issues. Competence, detailed support,and answers to questions-that’s what it comes down to for us.

Technology Meets Experience

DID YOU KNOW? Island Optical has fully engaged with Tasmania’s growing optical industry for over thirty years! We offer thorough eye testing, vision screening services, and prescription solutions for every visual need. We are easy to find, too, with two prime locations (Hobart and Launceston) connected tightly to Tassie’s expanding hub of specialised optical services!

We strive to play a vital role in promoting healthy vision and healthy lifestyles through a mix of optical products and eye-health-focused services. So whether you’re after prescription glasses,contact lenses, or vision care related to overall health and eye disease, we are across all of it.

We work hard for you and your family, and don’t take our eyes off the (proverbial eye) ball!

Why Your Child Might Need Us Now

There are three general reasons you might think it’s time to check in with Island Optical already. Indeed, we would suggest making an appointment for your child if you’ve noticed any of the following:

EYE PROBLEMS: These can include excessive eye-rubbing, complaints around ‘seeing double’ (or having poor vision out of either eye), headaches, or eye sensitivity such as itchy, burning, or watery eyes.

HOME LIFE:You may have discerned that your little loved one has poor hand-eye coordination. Maybe you’ve noticed their tendency to hold reading material or digital devices very closely. Would you describe them as clumsy–are they knocking things over or running into things around the house? We certainly want you to have peace of mind as a parent. One child’s foible or idiosyncrasy may be another’s visual shortcoming.

SCHOOLING: Perhaps your child’s teacher has reported back to you regarding your child’s literacy, handwriting, or reading tasks that they find challenging to complete in class. A lack of ‘staying on task’ or avoiding activities that require a visual component may have nothing to do with discipline and everything to do with their sight.

As we can see, there are ample ways that a vision issue can present in life: at school and at home. Are these elements ringing a subtle warning bell for you and your family? Please, don’t be discouraged.

A visit to an optometrist can assist in effectively minimising or preventing problems in children if they are picked up early.

After all, we’re here to help, and we wouldn’t have raised these concerns (and sometimes stressful scenarios) if we didn’t think we could assist.

So in summing up: Island Optical is here for you and your family! We appreciate the challenges Tassie familes face with schooling, home life and work. Some eye health indicators are apparent, while others are subtle and can sneak upon you.

Don’t forget those three Island Optical components. Our family-focused attention to eye care. With the technology and knowledge to identify and create solutions and your attentive concern for a healthy, vibrant family, we’ll make a formidable team for the future of your children’s vision and beyond.

So, whenever you think of ‘Optometrist Tasmania’, we invite you to consider “Island Optical.” We look forward to supporting the visual needs for you and your family.