Prescription Safety Glasses-Workable Eyewear From Worksite Wonder to Weekend Warrior

At Island Optical, we are passionate about helping people see clearly and safely. That’s why we are keen to promote our range of certified safety eye wear options for your prescription needs. We have safety frame styles suitable for many industries: Forestry, Mining, Automotive, Construction, and Manufacturing. The list goes on!

What’s more – we cater for Lifestyle! So here are three safety glasses options in the Island Optical range that can take you from the desk to the dunes or the bench to the basket! That’s right, we offer safety – certified prescription eye wear as the ideal option for sports on the weekend.

Can you imagine a robust pair of safety glasses that are as handy on the dirt bike track as they are for the workshop? That’s what we do!

Check out this selection of customisable safety frames that can be tailored to your prescription needs and sporting or work demands.

First up, the CANNON TR90

The CANNON by Ugly Fish, coupled with the superior optics of the Trivex lens material from HOYA, produces a reliable and comfortable prescription appliance that will assure you of a great fit and reliability. In addition, these safety glasses feature detachable temples, which can be swapped out for a customis able strap fitting, ensuring that the glasses frames lock on tightly for the entire ride!

Secondly, check out the MOJO TR90 {Matador}

The MOJO appears on this list as a personal favourite. It definitely turns heads and barely looks like the reliable and rock – solid pair of certified safety glasses that they are. You could easily mistake these for trendy sunglasses or glasses frames when combined with a polarised lens design. They also come with an interlocking strap and a generously thick positive seal, making them ideal for dusty conditions or out there on the basketball court!

Next, check out this little beauty! The OG220 TR90

The OG combines sleek design elements with a hint of translucent tones with rugged reliability. Safety eye wear no longer needs to have that bulky, masculine – only vibe going on. The work place certainly doesn’t! So make room for this neat frame design, available in various colours so you can show off a bit of personality whilst winning!

If you are involved in clinical lab work, dentistry, medical, or electrical, you may find the OG could be your next safety – certified appliance purchase!

Lastly, meet the new kid on the block. Hey, it’s HARLEY TR90

If Safety Certification and your favourite musician had a “spectacle love-child”, it would be this; the Harley glasses frame model. Balancing safety awareness, fashion-forward styling, and creativity neatly, the Harley is available in several colour-ways and is ideal for those industries that require safety compliance whilst still looking GOOD. Think clerical science lab work, food production services, or school activities such as metal work or wood work.

All those inspectors coming onsite in a pair of these would immediately gain a little street-cred, too!

There we have it! And that’s just FOUR examples of the sturdy frame designs we have in our safety range at Island Optical. We have many more.


Perhaps you’ve tried contact lenses for sports and don’t enjoy taking them out or getting them in. Or worse, you lose them mid-session!

Or does this sound like you: You’re working in an industry that requires PPE, and you need prescription glasses. But you are over the poorly fitted and inferior styles available. Well, we’ve got your back (and your eyes covered)!

We know you want to minimise as much risk to your vision and health as possible!

We get it; you have GOALS!

If you want to be crushing it at work AND on the weekend, get in touch with us at Island Optical, your eye-care enthusiasts!

Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about these prescription safety glasses options!