Safety in the Snow: Protect Your Eyes With Polarised Lenses

Winter is upon us. Right now, many people across the country find themselves delving deep into their wardrobes for thick socks, scarves, and heated blankets. It can be tempting to hibernate – sitting before a thawing fire until spring arrives – however, as our tallest ranges feel the weight of piling snow, the most adventurous among us are eagerly donning skis and snow boots, ready to tackle the season. 

Athletes know that the right equipment is key, no matter the sport. As surfboards are traded for snowboards, and cricket gloves for ski gloves, there’s one important piece of gear which is vital year-round. Whether braving blinding sunlight reflecting off roiling surf or fresh snow, polarised sunglasses provide eye protection essential for a fun, safe sporting experience. 

Beneath our fierce Australian sun, polarised sunglasses should be akin to a national uniform; as necessary as sunscreen and wide brim hats. For a country of people drawn to the vast outdoor landscape, it’s especially important that we take precautions – including wearing polarised sunglasses – when experiencing prolonged exposure to UV rays. For those who have decided to leave the warmth of their homes and take to the slopes this season, polarised lenses won’t only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but also enhance your winter sports experience by reducing glare off snow and improving vision.

The Importance of Polarisation 

Intense glare occurs when light reflects off a surface such as water, pavement, or snow, becoming horizontally polarised. To combat this, polarised lenses are specialised optical filters designed to specifically block these light waves. With polarised lenses, eye strain and glare is minimised, while visual contrast is improved. 

For anyone undertaking a range of activities – from driving and hiking to fishing and boating – polarised lenses are a worthwhile asset. This is especially true for snow sports. Snow blindness is a temporary visual impairment which occurs due to the significant amount of sunlight which reflects off snow-covered surfaces. This light produces incredibly bright conditions which can easily impede skiers and snowboarders. Use of polarised lenses to prevent snow blindness not only reduces eye fatigue, but leads to an overall safer experience with improved clarity in snowy conditions.

Invest in the Best

Hesitant to take that first snowy step? Simultaneously fashionable and functional, Island Optical has you covered with a great range of polarised sunglasses, including prescription and non-prescription options. 

Fearless in the winter chill are our selection of Bill Bass sunglasses. A reliable favourite, these frames are available with polarised lenses directly off the shelf in our $58 and $88 ranges, meaning you’ll have plenty of cash left in the bank for your winter adventures. 

Useful, comfortable, and fashionable all at once, add Island Optical as the first stop on your ski season expedition to hit the slopes in style this season. Bill Bass sunglasses are the perfect fusion of trendy and practical, sure to elevate your ski experience.

Your Eyes Matter in Every Season

With temperatures plunging and the sun seemingly subdued behind clouds and bitter wind, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the dangers of those omnipresent UV rays. But harmful UV rays refuse to abide by a seasonal schedule, and snow blindness can impair even the most experienced sportspeople. Polarised sunglasses are your best protector against the harsh winter glare, and Island Optical is here to prepare you with the right gear.

Embrace the winter season with polarised sunglasses from Island Optical.