Seize the School Holidays: Book and Eye Test for Your Child Now!

Parenthood means being the ultimate multitasker; juggling a million things at once and understanding that raising kids is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the most difficult and most important job of them all. With sleepovers to organise and piles of washing to wade through, you’d be forgiven for missing the subtler changes in your child’s vision. Thankfully, optometrists are to the rescue! Take this as your reminder, as the June/July school holidays kick off, to venture into your nearest Island Optical and make sure your child’s vision deserves that A+.

It’s a fact of life that they grow too quickly. New school, new shoes, new haircut, and then a first kiss, driver’s licence, graduation. Change can be daunting, and sometimes that change can involve a worsening in your child’s vision. Take the chance now, before Semester 2 sweeps in, to get your kids out of the house and into the optometrist’s chair for their routine eye exam.

In School and Beyond

Stress and study go hand in hand, but it’s hard enough already without struggling to see distant notes on the whiteboard, or straining to focus on dense texts in English class. Good vision is vital for an enriching school experience. The good news about eye exams? They’re the only ones which don’t require studying!

But there’s more to childhood than school and homework. Maybe your miniature Messi has been missing a few more goals than usual, or little LeBron has let some 3-pointers get away. Perhaps the cello music has been blurring on the page, or hide-and-seek with friends has been a bit too difficult. Life’s easier and much more fun when the full sports oval can be viewed clearly, and the music notes sit precisely on the staff. Clear vision makes extracurriculars that extra bit enjoyable.

Without a doubt, kids today have interacted with more digital pixels than ever before. It’s no one’s fault. Screens and technology have become a fundamental part of life in all areas, but with the world of benefits this brings, so too come new challenges. As it’s normalised to spend less of childhood outdoors and more of it on devices, myopia – or ‘short-sightedness’ – in children is expected to increase dramatically. Encourage them to have a little break from the Netflix bingeing and Instagram scrolling, and bring your young ones in for an eye test at your nearest Island Optical to keep their precious eyes healthy.

Ask About MiYOSMART:

MiYOSMART lenses, specially developed to manage myopia in children, are available for your children from Island Optical. Not only do these lenses provide crystal clear vision, but also help to prevent long-term vision issues by slowing the progression of myopia

MiYOSMART lenses are made with real kids in mind. Lens adaptability means the sky’s the limit on your choice of colourful frames, and fun-filled days on the playground are thwarted by an impact resistant lens material. At their next appointment, ask us about MiYOSMART lenses and whether your child might benefit from this exciting new technology.

Reset for the Second Half

Now’s the time for an eye health reset before diving into the rest of the year. Seize the school holidays before they race on by!

Giving them the best chance at life doesn’t have to mean a 6am start for a sport’s game, a brand new violin, or enrolment at the best private school in the country. The best vision begins with a bulk-billed eye test these school holidays at Island Optical.

Come in store or book an appointment online today.