Study Better with Great Vision from Island Optical: A Students’ Guide

Procrastinate on homework, not your eye health…

Adulthood is hard. If you’ve just finished school or a gap year, this might be your first time juggling hard-core studying, share house conflicts, and (most importantly) a whole lot of socialising. Be honest: how many dinners have been plain pasta with a sprinkle of cheese?

It can be overwhelming trying to find your own feet in the world, but we’re here to help with a little reminder about something you might’ve let slip among the chaos… booking an eye test. It’s easy as a kid to let this task fall to parents and guardians – and fair enough, you had video games and sleepovers to worry about – but university life brings a new opportunity to step into the realm of adulthood, taking charge of your routine health checks.

Skipping lectures is a hobby. Skipping eye tests is a mistake. You may feel invincible right now, but eye health can be a precarious thing, and routine exams are vital to maintain the crystal-clear vision you might take for granted. Island Optical is here for your bulk-billed eye tests, as well as an amazing range of deals on prescription glasses to make great vision affordable on a tight budget.

Need a little more convincing? Read on for what we can offer you in affordable eye care.

Great Vision, Little Cost

Is there a better feeling than hearing the word ‘free’? University is full to the brim with free pens, tote bags, drinks, snacks. So, what if we told you that a bulk-billed eye test from Island Optical won’t cost you a cent?

Not to mention our online appointment book, which makes booking as easy as a few clicks of the computer mouse. Don’t delay, book your bulk-billed eye test now and get back to studying quicker (…or pretending to study).

Affordable Frames

Textbooks and laptops might be critical for your study, but a fresh frame is essential for everyday living. Luckily, Island Optical has an extensive collection of glasses frames fit for every budget – including that of a uni student.

You’ll have no problems finding something to suit from our impressive $58 and $88 categories, with brands like Amy Sherbrooke and Jean-Luke offering an option for every outfit.

Or, for the especially budget-minded students, select frames start for as little as $28. Great vision shouldn’t break the bank, and your Island Optical frames are here to keep you looking and feeling superb for even better prices.

Fashionable Frames

It’s common knowledge that at uni, education comes second to fashion. Everyone you pass seems to have stepped right out an edgy style magazine… or just rolled miserably out of bed. It’s important you feel confident when striding hungover into an exam you haven’t studied for.

We’ve got the frames for you. The semester is yours with selections from brands such as Radley London, O’Neill, Max Mara, and Brianna. You’re sure to be the envy of any lecture theatre.

Meanwhile, keep sun safe and style savvy with sunnies from Ashley & Zac, Bill Bass, Dirty Dog and many more, with both prescription and non-prescription options available.

Don’t just follow the trend, start it.

No + Low Gap Package

Still on Mum and Dad’s private health fund? Make the most of it while it lasts by taking full advantage of our No + Low Gap package.

This includes all health funds, and means your glasses come mostly or entirely out of the pocket of your health fund, not yourself. What’s not to like?

Deals for Days

Our deals don’t stop there.

No health fund? No worries. There’s plenty of time for fretting over that down the line. Check out some more of our fantastic in-store deals below:

1.      Buy 1 Get 2nd Pair 50% Off

It’s exactly what it sounds like. From our $58 range upwards, you can be the happy owner of TWO entirely new pairs of prescription glasses starting from only $192.00.

Let’s be real… how much do you trust yourself not to lose a pair of glasses? It’s far too easy to leave them on a train seat, in the library, or at a friend’s house. Two pairs of glasses means you’ll never be left stranded without great vision. Or perhaps it’s about fashion. Choosing one single frame to represent your entire style and personality is an impossible task. So, we’ll let you cheat a little. Grab two.

Second pair half-price isn’t a deal to be missed. Invest now and be glad later.

2.      Budget-Friendly Blueblock Coated Lenses

A large amount of the light from digital devices is blue light. Many theories suggest that our current reliance on technology results in us overexposing ourselves to this light, making it hard for our brains to settle when it comes time to sleep.

As a student, the modern reality is you’re going to spend a LOT of time in front of screens. Computers are a vital tool for homework, assignments, online classes and lectures – as well as some well-needed wind-down time with Netflix or social media. That equates to a significant amount of blue light being experienced over the course of a day.

Investing in a blueblock coating can help reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality so you’re refreshed and ready for a new day of learning. In a $58 frame from Island Optical, a new pair of prescription glasses complete with single vision blueblock coated lenses can be yours for just $218.00.

3.      Safety Eyewear Packages

Did you know some industries require safety-certified eyewear for working in the field? If your course concerns clinical, laboratory, or trade activities, safety glasses may be mandated. These help prevent injury to the eyes in the workplace and training environments through their especially strong materials and peripheral guards, making them the perfect adversary to industry-specific hazards.

However, safety glasses can be uncomfortable and unsafe to wear over normal prescription glasses, making it necessary to purchase prescription safety glasses. But don’t worry, Island Optical has got you covered with packages starting from as low as $220.00 for a complete pair of prescription safety glasses.

Don’t underestimate eye safety. Take the time to invest in preventative measures now rather than dealing with the worst-case scenario when it’s already too late.

4.      Lens Coating Upgrades

When your lenses refract light, a percentage of that reflects off the surface of the lens, acting like a mirror to produce a secondary image. While this is fine for the most part, it can become irritating for those who wear glasses all day, and result in tiring your eyes.

An anti-reflective (AR) coating remedies this, applied to the front and back surfaces of a lens to reduce the reflecting light. For you, this means less visual noise to peer through. For others, it means a clearer view of your eyes, making them extra striking.

At Island Optical, standard single-vision anti-reflective coated lenses can be yours for just $130.00, meaning less eye strain and more clarity.

Or invest in the best. If you really want to enhance your lenses, for only $15.00 extra you can upgrade to the SFT (Super Final Touch) multicoat. If you’re going to do it, do it right, with Island Optical.

An eye test is cheaper than a degree and just as useful. So, abandon the unfinished lecture notes and take this as your reminder to prioritise your eye health today through the link below.