Sun-Safe and Stylish: See Better in Spring with Polarised Sunglasses

Beach Days and Garden Walks 

What’s on your agenda now that we’ve left the finger-numbing cold behind? Perhaps a lazy day by the pool, a road trip, a surfing adventure, a picnic at the park? As temperatures lift, it seems so do our moods, and suddenly the world is (literally) that bit brighter.

Tucked up inside over winter, there are a few aspects of spring/summer life which might have slipped our minds. One of these is not to be taken lightly: sun safety. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a significant hazard in the everyday lives of all Australians – undetectable energy from the sun which is responsible for eye and skin damage of people across the country, even skin cancer. It’s especially noteworthy in Australia, where our UV index ratings are consistently above those elsewhere in the world.

Sun protection is advised when an index of 3 is reached or exceeded. To put this into perspective, Sydney in September can often average a rating of 5, while November averages as high as 10. Even in the earliest moments of spring, it’s essential to maintain a strong defence against UV radiation.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Sun safety doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Beyond the primary school ‘No Hat, No Play’ motto, there’s one slogan which remains engraved in the Australian consciousness; slip, slop, slap, seek, slide. Let’s break it down…

Slip on protective clothing which will do an effective job of covering any exposed skin. A long-sleeve shirt is recommended.

Slop on a good amount of SPF 30+ sunscreen. It’s best to make this part of your morning routine and remember to reapply regularly.

Slap on a wide-brimmed hat. One which is capable of shading areas such as the neck, ears, and nose is best.

Seek protected spaces in the shade. Ensure you’re doing your best to stay out of the sun during times of the most intense UV during the day.

Slide on some sunglasses. Eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma can be caused or exacerbated by excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It’s incredibly important to find a proficient pair of sunglasses as we head into the spring/summer stretch. Maybe polarised lenses are the best fit for you?

Luckily for you, Island Optical is here to help with this last step. Keep reading for more information or drop in-store to speak with a helpful optical dispenser and browse our frames!

So, What’s Polarisation?

Light becomes horizontally polarised when it reflects off a surface, resulting in harsh glare. This ability to bounce off matter – such as sand, water, and concrete – is how UV rays can reach you even indirectly, when you’re tucked in the shade.

Polarised lenses are special for the optical filters which are applied vertically in order to uniquely target and block these horizontal light waves. This means less glare and more visual contrast. Eye fatigue is also reduced, so you can staylonger in the sun doing the things you love.

If you wear glasses regularly, you might benefit from prescription polarised sunglasses. Rather than trying to juggle two pairs– prescription and sunglasses – atop each other, or going without sun protection altogether, putting prescription polarised lenses within your sunglasses is the perfect way to combine clear vision and sun safety.

Pros and Cons of Polarised Lenses

Your lifestyle and other factors will determine whether polarised sunglasses are ideal for you. The clarity and precision of polarised sunglasses make them an essential piece of equipment in the toolbox of golfers, skiers, beachgoers, and more. Activities such as boating and fishing are especially heightened by use of polarised lenses, cutting through the water’s glareand offering a much greater contrast than other lenses.

It’s also worth looking into which lens tint might suit your sunglass usage, as each has its own advantages. Grey and brown are best for very bright conditions, while the strengths of pink and yellow lay in overcast days, fog, and snow. Feel free to ask a helpful optical dispenser in-store at Island Optical which tint they recommend for your needs and hobbies.

The shape of your sunglasses also plays a part in ensuring the best UV protection. Have you considered a wrap-around frame? With its curved shape, this style is perfect for the energetic outdoors-enthusiast and their adventures; be it cycling, running, or more. Fitting snugly on the face, wrap-around sunglasses provide peripheral protection from the sun, so that less light finds its way in the side of the frame.

But polarised lenses aren’t the best option for everyone. LCD screens can sometimes operate with polarising filters of their own, clashing with those within the sunglass lenses. These screens include some mobile phones and car dashboards, potentially leaving the displays partially or completely black. In this case, regular, non-polarised sunglasses might be the answer. These will still battle UV radiation;however they are less effective against glare.

But, first, why not drop into Island Optical for a chat about which sunglasses – polarised or non-polarised; prescription or non-prescription – will best enhance your spring?

Or, for a few stylish suggestions, keep reading…

Bring some colour to your spring with this lively frame from Amy Sherbrooke. The AS19L4P frame is a jubilant round shape, sure to add a pop of interest to any outfit. Its tortoiseshell temples and translucent rim are awash in the colour of your choice, available in peach, pink, green, or black. Take the AS19L4P for a stroll through the park or a wander by the local markets this season.

Ashley & Zac take us back to our roots with this earthy frame during the season of regrowth. The 20AZL2PS sits harmoniously against a spring backdrop, offering a wide rounded shape and trusty tortoiseshell patterned arms. This frame is also available in pink, grey, and black if your spring demands a different hue.

An accomplice for all your most daring plans, Radley London’s Tassia frame knows how to elevate a look. Its sophisticated oval shape finds hints of gentle metal peeking around the top of the rim, only to continue down the side of the frame, transforming into dainty arms. In black, pink, or tortoiseshell, Tassia is sure to be a true match for your ambition.

Reliability is built into the foundations of the 9045 from Fila. The resolute black tone is offset by bright streaks of orange dissecting the tops of the temples and painting the nose pads. With a comprehensive rectangular rim, the 9045 is a wrap-around style frame, meaning your peripherals are well-protected from harmful UV radiation.

The Steed frame from Dirty Dog is not to be underestimated. The combination of sleek gunmetal hue, trendy double bridge, and aviator-style shape results in a framethat knows exactly what it wants. Steed guarantees your eyes are safe from the sun while maintaining a cool, calm demeanour.

Spring is speeding by, don’t delay preparing your defence against UV light with polarised sunglasses from Island Optical. Venture in-store today, or simply use our online appointment book to