Upgrade Your Prescription Safety Glasses Today and Save Big by EOFY at Island Optical

Did You Know? Visiting Island Optical now for your safety eyewear needs avoids the End Of Financial Year Rush!

Claim Your Optical Benefits—4 Reasons to Act Now

We’re about to flip the calendar page over to a new financial year. Therefore, there is no better time to act and maximise your health fund benefits.

Unleash the power of your health fund on your prescription safety glass needs and seize the opportunity before it slips away with these four huge benefits:

Maximise Your Savings with Safety Eyewear Packages

Are you tired of breaking the bank when purchasing new glasses? Well, claiming your health fund optical coverage benefits can be your secret weapon to substantial savings! Don’t let those benefits go to waste—claim them now and keep your wallet happy with Island Optical’s curated range of Safety Eyewear packages, offering safety frames from all the big names; Bolle, Hoya, Pentax, Ugly Fish, and Cummings Optical.

Crystal Clear Vision and Optimal Eye Health

Why not embrace the joy of crystal-clear vision and prioritise your eye health? With your health fund benefits at your fingertips, you can enjoy regular eye examinations (bulked-billed to Medicare) without worrying about the financial aspect. In addition, a thorough eye test by a local optometrist plays a vital role in safeguarding your eye health, catching any potential concerns in their early stages, and providing the necessary treatments to preserve your vision. Claiming is caring, so care for your eyes and see the world in high-definition clarity!

Access Advanced Lens Technology In Safety Eyewear

Ready to revolutionise your eyewear experience? With health fund optical coverage benefits, you can access advanced lens technologies that elevate your vision.

Experience seamless vision with progressive lenses, adapt to changing light with photochromatic lenses, and reduce glare with anti-reflective coatings. Claim your benefits to embrace these innovations without extra cost. Please inquire about our HT Digital lenses range today!

Prescription Safety Glasses—Saving Sight On The Daily

Do you work in an environment or on job sites where safety measures and PPE are legally required?

  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Medical/Laboratory/Clinical
  • Building and Fabrication
  • Other

Or do you enjoy activities that your safety glasses from the worksite to the weekend? Think mountain bike riding, motor-cross, horse riding, BMX, squash, paintball… the list goes on.

Prescription safety glasses are your eyes’ ultimate guardian. And guess what? By taking advantage of your health fund benefits, along with our affordably priced complete eyewear packages, you can significantly reduce the expenses of acquiring these necessary safety glasses options. So claim your benefits and get more out of what you put in!

Why Now, Though? Seize the Opportunity

Eye tests, safety eyewear (for work or play), spending money… sure, it might feel like a mountain that you’re just not prepared to tackle–and how do you get simple answers to all this stuff?

That’s where we come in.

Don’t want the hassle of pouring over your health fund fine print?

Just drop into either branch of Island Optical with your health fund card, and we can perform a HICAPS quote on the spot. You’ll know what your optical coverage consists of quicker than you can ask, “Where’s the best coffee near here?”


Act Now Before The Financial Year Rests—The 3 Reasons Why

(1) Act Fast, Book Your Eye Examination

Beat the rush to the door simply by booking online and scheduling a comprehensive eye examination at a convenient location and time.

Medicare rebates are available for all Tassie households, ensuring thorough eye tests are provided with little to no out-of-pocket costs. However, service-specific consultations may have further fees, such as OCT scans, retinal photography or contact lens education.

Appointments do book out. Time is of the essence. Take that first step towards clear vision, early detection of eye conditions, and peace of mind knowing your health fund has your back.

(2) Mid-Year Overhaul For Winter and Beyond

Are you excited to embrace a new look and discover cutting-edge trends in eyewear?

This is your moment!

Delve into a realm of eyewear upgrades encompassing stylish frames and state-of-the-art lens technologies. By claiming your health fund benefits, you open the doors to a world of crystal-clear possibilities for your eyes.

So, let’s embrace this upgrade together and let your unique style and vision needs radiate with clarity!

3) Don’t Compromise on Safety

Your trusty safety glasses have likely endured more wear and tear than you may realise through this financial year. So let’s not jeopardise your vision safety. Instead, take a moment to carefully examine your current personal protective equipment, with special attention to your prescription or non-prescription safety glasses.

  • Are the lenses or frames showing signs of impact and scratches?
  • How are the softer components like the positive seal, rubber trims, and nose pads? Have they started to deteriorate?
  • Are the frames no longer fitting as firmly as they used to?

By assessing for these and other issues, you may complete your most important work this year by getting in and ordering a new set of safety glasses.

Don’t put off to tomorrow, the awesomeness you can accomplish today—take the chance to utilise your health fund to purchase your next pair of prescription safety glasses. Appointments are limited, so it’s imperative to book your bulk-billed eye test ASAP.