Unleash the Power of HT Precision Multifocal Lenses at Island Optical

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Today, let’s learn a little more about the “Aussie All-Rounder” in multifocal lenses, the HT Precision! This lens design offers generous visual zones for your daily distant, intermediate, and close-range activities.

Whether you’re contemplating the exciting prospect of trying multifocal lenses for the first time, in search of a cost-effective alternative to your current prescription eyewear or seeking true-blue value for money with your optical benefits this year, rest assured that HT Precision lenses at Island Optical have been crafted to meet your specific requirements and surpass your expectations.

3 Ways HT Precision Multifocal Lenses Enhance Your Vision from the Get-Go

• Sharp Vision Across All Distances

When it comes to your vision, nothing is more crucial than clarity. HT Precision lenses deliver crystal-clear vision for distant, intermediate, and close visual zones. This advanced multifocal lens design allows you to seamlessly transition between different distances. Whether driving, working on your computer, or immersing yourself in a captivating book, HT Precision lenses ensure you enjoy sharp and focused vision every step of the way.

• Seamless Transition Between Visual Zones

Moving effortlessly between visual zones is key, and that’s precisely where HT Precision lenses excel. The ingenious design and cutting-edge technology embedded in these lenses facilitate a smooth and organic shift from one visual zone to another, eliminating the need to switch between different pairs of glasses for various tasks. Say goodbye to the frustrations of swapping between specs as you shift your focus from nearby to faraway objects or vice versa. HT Precision lenses offer a comfortable viewing experience, enabling you to maintain clear vision throughout various activities.

• Affordability without Compromising Quality and Clarity

At Island Optical, we understand the significance of providing affordable eyewear solutions without compromising quality and clarity. HT Precision lenses present an exceptional value proposition, catering to first-time multifocal wearers and those seeking an alternative to their current prescription glasses. We take pride in delivering lenses that meet our rigorous quality standards while remaining accessible to our valued customers.


Island Optical proudly offers this lens design as part of their “No & Low Gap” range for health fund members!

Instead of settling for the standard multifocal lens design that many of our competitors provide, you can enjoy substantial savings and advantages by choosing Island Optical and HT Precision lenses—don’t settle for ordinary when extraordinary is within reach.

How to Obtain Your HT Precision Multifocal Lenses

Acquiring your new pair of prescription glasses with HT Precision lenses is a seamless process at Island Optical.

Begin by scheduling an eye test with a skilled and independent optometrist who offers bulk billing services for eye examinations. Supported by our knowledgeable staff, the entire team is available to assess the suitability of HT Precision lenses for your specific visual requirements.


Our friendly staff are on hand to assist, offering expert guidance through the personalized glasses-frame fitting process and obtaining precise measurements to ensure optimal lens placement. This guarantees that your new pair of multifocal glasses lenses are perfectly tailored to deliver the utmost vision and comfort.

We understand that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach.

Why not visit one of our conveniently located stores or explore our user-friendly online platform to first browse through our wide selection of glasses frames using our VIRTUAL FRAME TRY-ON PROGRAM?

As you embark on your journey to elevate your vision, consider the versatile HT Precision multifocal lenses available at Island Optical.

Experience the advantages of sharp vision across all distances, seamless transitions between visual zones, and affordability without compromising quality. Discover why HT Precision lenses have become the preferred choice for Tasmanians seeking reliable multifocal solutions.

Visit Island Optical, book an eye test, upgrade your eyewear game, and step into a world of improved vision and convenience.

Your vision deserves the Island Optical Touch!


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