Unveiling QuickTint & QuickTint Plus | Transform Your Eyewear Experience with Island Optical

Fun Fact: There’s a lens that changes colour behind your car window screen!

Get ready to fall head over heels for your next set of prescription glasses from Island Optical. As someone who wears prescription glasses, you understand the significance of having the perfect lenses that align with your daily activities. In the past, many stylish multifocal glasses wearers shied away from choosing photochromic lenses due to their limited adaptability while driving. Losing that comfortable dark tint behind the screen was a deal-breaker for many glasses wearers.

Guess what? Those days are now a distant memory.

Introducing QuickTint & QuickTint Plus, Exclusively from Island Optical

Are you searching for an optometrist near you in Tasmania who can provide you with the ultimate pair of prescription glasses—ideally, a solution that covers all bases reliably?

Look no further than Island Optical. With 2 prime locations (Hobart & Launceston) in Tassie, finding an eye test near you is a breeze. And convenient access to life-altering visual awesomeness is what Ilsnad Optical is all about.

4 Ways That Island Optical Keeps Pace with Your Lifestyle with Photochromic Lenses

So, what do Photochromic (colour-change) lenses offer?

  • Sun Shield: QuickTint lenses boast outstanding built-in UV protection, offering a robust defence against harmful UV rays. By preserving your vision, these lenses play a pivotal role in mitigating risks associated with eye-health problems such as cataracts and dry eye. Now, you can relish the great outdoors with unwavering confidence.
  • Genuine Convenience: QuickTint lenses effortlessly adapt to evolving light conditions, ensuring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments. Say farewell to the hassle of juggling between regular eyeglasses and sunglasses. QuickTint Plus effortlessly matches your dynamic lifestyle, offering optimal clarity and UV protection no matter where life takes you.

This is particularly noteworthy with the latest edition of the QuickTint Plus design—a groundbreaking photochromic lens that retains its dark shade even while you’re steering the wheel!

  • Unrivalled Visual Comfort: Immerse yourself in enhanced visual comfort, even in the most dazzling outdoor settings. QuickTint Plus lenses excel at minimising glare, guaranteeing crystal-clear vision while you indulge in your favourite outdoor activities. Step into the great outdoors with unshakable confidence, knowing that your eyes are well looked after.
  • Versatile for All: QuickTint and QuickTint Plus lenses come in an array of lens colour options, materials, and designs, catering to an extensive spectrum of prescription needs.

Whether you’re seeking eyewear for day-to-day use or specific lifestyle demands, QuickTint and QuickTint Plus offer a versatile solution to suit everyone.

Style Supercharged: QuickTint Plus—Your Ultimate Vision Upgrade

Sporting a 15% darker outdoor tint and an effective 50% density behind car window screens, QuickTint Plus guarantees unparalleled protection and comfort.

Why Your Next Set of Prescription Glasses Deserves a Standing Ovation

Summing it all up, let’s revisit those key perks:

  • UV Shield: Safeguarding your eyes from harmful UV rays, diminishing the risk of conditions like cataracts and dry eye.
  • Glare Slayer: Darkening outdoors to minimise glare and elevate visual comfort in bright surroundings.
  • Seamless Convenience: Adapting seamlessly to shifting light conditions, rendering multiple glasses indoors and outdoors a thing of the past.
  • Single Pair Powerhouse: Relish the convenience of owning a single pair of glasses tailored for diverse environments.

For Expert Vision Care with that Local Flair

Swing by Island Optical for a bulk-billed optometrist consultation and delve into what you truly need from your all-day eyewear. Discuss the wide selection of photochromic lenses tailored to your preferences and budget. Rest assured; you’re in the best hands with our skilled staff!

If you’re intrigued by this big-time, gaming-changing development in photochromic lenses, the first step is to schedule an eye test near you. Our optometrist will assess your eyes during your appointment, and trained support staff are on hand to help you identify the perfect lenses for your needs. They’ll also factor in your lifestyle and any specific requirements to ensure you receive the finest lenses tailored just for you.

We Have the Perfect Frame for Every Face

Once you’ve settled on the right lenses, our team of optical dispensers and assistants will assist you in finding the ideal frames to complement your features and your lens choice. At Island Optical, we offer an extensive array of stylish frames from top-tier labels and our own curated brands that we love and trust! Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance or the latest trends, you’re sure to discover the ideal pair of glasses that suit your style.

In summary, photochromic lenses emerge again as a top choice if you seek a convenient and personalised optical solution. And with Island Optical’s skilled staff and a range of options at your disposal, you’ll soon uncover your new go-to pair of glasses.

Don’t wait—schedule an eye test near you today and transform your eyewear experience with the latest in photochromic lenses!