Your Island Optical Contact Lens Masterclass | Putting In & Removing Contact Lenses

Becoming a Contact Lens Master

Interested in joining the millions globally who have embraced the freedom from glasses with contact lenses? Mastering their handling is key. Our guide delves into three vital aspects:

  • Inserting/Putting In Contact Lenses
  • Removing/Taking Out Contact Lenses
  • Contact Lenses & Frequently Asked Questions: we empower you as a contact lens expert.


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Insert Contact Lenses

  1. Wash Your Hands: Begin by washing your hands thoroughly with a mild, scent-free soap. Rinse off all residues and dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
  2. Check Your Lenses: Inspect your lenses for any damage. Ensure they are clean and in perfect condition before insertion.
  3. Prepare Your Eyes: Clean hands deserve clean eyes. Avoid makeup before handling lenses. Apply makeup after inserting lenses to prevent contamination.
  4. Hold the Lens: For soft lenses, look up, hold your upper eyelid, and gently grasp the lens between your thumb and forefinger.
  5. Insert Soft Lenses: With a steady hand, softly squeeze the lens and lift it onto your eye. Blink gently; the lens will settle naturally.
  6. For Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses: Hold your upper eyelid, place the lens gently onto your eye, and blink a few times. Patience and a delicate touch are crucial.
  7. Use a Magnification Mirror (Optional): Consider using a magnification mirror for some close-up clarity! It can boost your confidence during the contact lens insertion/removal process.
  8. Blink and Adjust: After inserting, blink naturally to allow the lens to settle. If needed, adjust the lens slightly with clean fingers.

Remember, practice makes perfect. With patience and care, inserting contact lenses will become second nature, providing you with clear vision and ultimate comfort.

Okay, you’ve got them in easily enough. Now, let’s try taking them out!


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Contact Lenses

  1. Prepare Your Hands and Space: Begin by washing your hands (yes… again) thoroughly with a mild, scent-free soap. Dry them with a lint-free towel. Create a clean workspace with good lighting and a mirror (or ensure the area you’ve been in is still tidy!).
  2. Soft Contact Lenses Removal: For soft lenses, look up, hold your upper eyelid, and gently grasp (a pinching motion) the lens between your thumb and forefinger. With a steady hand, squeeze the lens softly and lift it off your eye.
  3. Use Contact Lens Removers (If Needed): If removing soft lenses is tricky, consider using contact lens removers. These handy tools simplify the process. Just place the remover on your eye, blink, and the lens will adhere to it.

  1. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses Removal: For RGP lenses, hold your upper eyelid and gently place your finger on the lens. Blink a few times, allowing the lens to come off naturally. Patience is critical; handle them delicately.
  2. Suction Devices for RGP Lenses (Optional): Suction devices can be a game-changer for RGP lenses. Apply slight pressure with the device, release the vacuum, and the lens will come off. Practice makes perfect; soon, you’ll handle RGP lenses with confidence.
  3. Stay Calm if a Lens Feels Stuck: If a lens feels stuck, don’t panic. Stay calm, blink a few times, and gently massage your eyelid. If needed, use lubricating eye drops. Look up and try to slide the lens to the white part of your eye with a gentle touch.

Remember removing contact lenses should be a stress-free process. With patience and gentle handling, you’ll soon become proficient in removing your lenses, ensuring your eyes remain comfortable and healthy.

Tips for First-Time Contact Lens Users For those starting their contact lens journey, these points will assist:

  • Establish a routine, including regular cleaning and adherence to wearing schedules. Consistency with wear time and using fresh lenses will significantly enhance your experience.
  • Remember, patience is vital; soon, wearing contacts will become second nature.

Let’s tackle a few questions we answer regularly!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This Contact Lens Mirror of Which You Speak?

There are some excellent makeup mirrors out there.

Consider the Allure Double-Sided Magnifier – perfect for ensuring accuracy and ease during the process.

Or, pop into your local Tassie beautician or beauty salon. They’ll surely help you out with buying an ideal mirror.

Should I Be Using Lubricating Drops For Contact Lens Wear?

Lubricating drops can be your saving grace in challenging environments like windy days. They keep your eyes moist and comfortable, ensuring your lenses stay in place. You can find the perfect lubricating eye drops for contact lens wearers in-store at Island Optical.

Remind Me Again About Proper Storage and Maintenance of Contact Lenses?

Proper storage and maintenance are vital. Always store your (RGP or disposable fortnightly or monthly) lenses in fresh solution in a clean case. Never compromise on hygiene; it’s the foundation of a healthy lens-wearing experience.

Can I Sleep with My Contact Lenses?

No, unless they’re specifically designed for extended wear. Regular, disposable lenses should be removed before sleeping to let your eyes breathe.

How Long Can I Wear My Lenses Each Day?

Duration varies based on lens type. Daily-wear lenses are for “one day wear,” not exceeding 16 hours. Some extended-wear lenses can be worn for several days, including overnight. Always follow your eye care professional’s instructions.

Where Are We On Showering or Swimming with Contact Lenses?

Avoid it. Water, especially in pools, can harbour bacteria, leading to infections. And don’t wear contact lenses in the surf; they’ll acquire build-up from the salty brine and could potentially feel like sand in your eyes (plus the threat of losing one in the ocean is real).

I Keep Tearing Contact Lenses; What Am I Doing Wrong?

This could be a few things. Lenses become brittle as they age. Try to resist wearing lenses past their shelf-life.

Consider a few other tips:

  • Add a lubricating eyedrop to your eye and finger first. Make sure you’ve got good lubrication going on to prevent friction.
  • Long nails are lovely but can be a contact lens’s enemy; ensure you’re minimising rough handling.
  • If contact lens breakage occurs regularly, you may need to check your contact lens batch with your supplier (Optometrist), pop back in for an after-care visit, and brush up on contact lens insertion/removal training. Your Optometrist will be happy to offer a refresher!

Stuck Lens? Stay Calm!

Blink and massage your eyelid gently. If it persists, use lubricating eye drops and seek professional help if needed. The contact lens may have popped out, and you’ve missed it in the moment.

I Got My Contact Lenses Online—And Can’t Get Them Out—Now What?

Resist trying to continue grabbing and pulling at the contact lens if you’ve worked out that it’s stuck on the eye—your Optometrist will be able to help—you may have ordered an incorrect lens size for your eyeball shape (yes, there are multiple contact lens sizes).

Our Optometrist can remove stuck contact lenses; call your nearest Island Optical location now:

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We hope this Contact Lens Masterclass Guide aids you in your contact lens journey, giving you the confidence you deserve and the clarity you demand.

For optimal eye health, visit your Optometrist annually before getting new lenses. Are you interested in contacts?

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