Your 'Removing Scratches from Glasses' Reality Check | Stop and Read This First!

OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN… You’re out, caught up in the whirlwind of life, and suddenly, it happens—a massive scratch appears on your glasses after dropping them (again…)!?

Oh, the horror.

Surely there’s a fix? After all, this is what the internet was BUILT for! You instinctively grab your phone, googling: “How to remove scratches from my glasses” or “How to repair scratched glasses.” What do you find? Online sources are brimming with DIY suggestions, recommending toothpaste, baking soda, and isopropyl alcohol. These remedies they’re clever MacGyver-style hacks using everyday household items. Sweet, right? Nope.

WARNING: Potential Prescription Proximity Problem!

You could make it a whole lot worse by attempting these quick fixes, potentially messing with your prescription, wrecking the lens coating, and damaging the frame—or an outcome that results in an unfortunate blend of all three.

Spoiler alert: There’s no hidden secret to magically banish those scratches. But don’t despair; it’s not all bad news. How can Island Optical help?

Why Can’t I Just Rub the Scratch Out of My Glasses?

Let’s get this straight—you can’t just give that scratch a good rub and make it disappear. But why, you ask? Whether we’re talking about a bunch of teeny-tiny scratches or one big, gnarly gash, it’s all about what’s happening when you try to fix things by rubbing.

The thing is, when you start rubbing away at that scratch, you’re playing a dangerous game.

You could end up with one of two not-so-great scenarios. First, you might flatten the curve of your lens. This would create a ‘dead spot’ of sorts and ruin your prescription (definitely not what you want). Or second, you might buff into the special lens coating or treatment (say goodbye to that Anti-Reflective magic), turning a bunch of minor scratches into one big, hazy eyesore (and trust us, that’s mega annoying).

Keeping Your Glasses and Casual Eyewear in Mint Condish

What actually works to keep your glasses looking sharp for the long haul? It’s all about straightforward, everyday TLC for your specs.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Before you go to town with the cleaning, give your glasses a good rinse.

Most of the time, it’s the stuff already on your lenses that ends up causing scratches. So, a nice rinse under the tap (avoid hot water, though), followed by a gentle pat dry with a tissue (no hardcore rubbing, please) and a light polish with your trusty microfibre cloth—that’s the ticket!

  • Now, we get it—where else are our sunnies meant to rest when they aren’t blocking the glare?

The ‘sunnies on top of the head routine’ is so convenient! But, let’s be real, that’s a risky move. We don’t have the stats, but the odds are high for dropped sunnies and lens troubles. If it hasn’t happened to you, ask your buddy or cousin; they’ve probably got a story. And Dad’s sunnies—guaranteed to be all scratched up. Plus, if your sunglasses have special coatings or tints, any scratches you add are there for keeps.

  • You might love your shirt or blouse, but guess what?

Your lenses are not fans. Little secret: on a microscopic level, many fabrics are like a bunch of tiny razors. So, when you casually wipe your glasses with your shirt corner, you’re basically inviting scratches to the party. Over time, you’ll end up with what I call a “scratch cloud” – smack dab in the middle of your lenses, and trust me, it’s not a cool look. Keep your microfibre cloth in top shape (yes, you can wash it; just skip the fabric softener), and when it starts looking funky, swing by us here at Island Optical and grab a fresh one.

Your Prescription Lens Protection Made Simple: Our Super Warranty

Let’s be upfront about it: there’s no silver bullet for making scratches vanish into thin air. We’ve given you the lowdown on how to treat your glasses right, and we hope it’s been helpful.

But here’s the scoop—we have your back at Island Optical, especially when life throws you (or your eyewear) a curveball. That’s where our “No Quibble Warranty” comes into play.

Have you ever had to navigate customer service nightmares when trying to sort out issues with your eyewear? Yeah, we’re not fans of that either. We believe in keeping things straightforward for our awesome customers.

Our “No Quibble Warranty” ensures that you have the peace of mind to seek and receive replacement and remade lenses in various situations:

  • A 3-month prescription change warranty.
  • A 12-month warranty on frame defects and standard lens coatings.
  • A 2-year warranty on premium lens coatings.

We are here to help, after all! So, resist trying to ‘MacGyver it‘ with a DIY approach to getting scratches out of glasses. Let us solve those scratched lens blues. That’s the Island Optical way!

Get in touch today, you’ll find us in two prime locations, and we’re easy to find!


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