Contact Lenses

We have a selection of contact lenses available to order online, however, due to COVID-19 our suppliers and Australia Post have advised there may be some delays in supplying and delivering these at the moment. We apologise for the possible inconvenience.

Do you want to change the colour of your eyes?

The Optical Superstore stocks coloured contact lenses whether you have a prescription or not! You will need to have an eye test to assess suitability for contact lenses and colored contact lenses. Sometimes you need to make sure there are no adverse eye conditions before this may be feasible for you.

Please be sure to let our staff know you would like an initial contact lens appointment if you are a first-time wearer or if you have not worn contact lenses or colour contact lenses for some time. It is critical to ensure your knowledge is up to date around the safety and procedure of insertion and removal of contact lenses and colour contact lens. Hygiene procedures required for contact lenses and coloured contact lenses is imperative to your eye health. Please book an appointment today if this is something you wish to do.

Can I buy coloured contact lenses online?

Unfortunately, The Optical Superstore does not currently sell coloured contact lenses online. You will need to speak with one of our qualified optical dispensers in store to have these ordered in for you. We anticipate expanding our coloured contact lenses online later this year.

What colour choices are available?

If you want to have blue eyed and blond hair this in now possible! Or if you want to ace your costume and wear a wild colour contact lens this is also possible! We have blue, light brown, brown, black, grey, light grey, green, grey/green and many more colours! Come in-store and ask our friendly team about all of the different coloured contact lenses available!  

What brands of colour contact lenses does The Optical Superstore supply?

Alcon Fresh Look Colours  – dimensions

Pasicis blue, sea green caribian aqua,

Fresh look colour blend brown, gree, grey, blue honey, terquise, true saphia , pure hasiial

Plano – brilliant

Does it matter what colour your natural eyes are? Will coloured contact lenses still look good?

All colour contact lenses will enrich your natural beauty and look by adding more vibrance and colour, for everyday use or for something bolder like a costume party. Usually coloured contact lenses have the best result if you have naturally light coloured eyes. However, people with naturally darker eyes who want to achieve a lighter colour can also do this with a different type of coloured contact lens.